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Recently my friend Raquel and I traded photoshoots. We both have decent cameras and both are interested in improving and utilizing our photography skills. We started with a trendy and yummy lunch- a must in Nashville- at Taco Mamacita’s where our server let us take pictures of him and the restaurant. Probably he hid his slight amount of freak out for the sake of a tip? I would have. Anyways, we tipped well and then were off on our extravaganza extroidinaire. It was a cold day and I was dopey from lack of sleep, but I had much fun! Thanks Kel! Here are the results from my camera. (For some reason the first picture looks fuzzy when posted, but click on it and you can see it larger and clearer.)

This last one was my favorite. Things I learned from this shoot: 1)Natural faces are best.  2)Dynamic angles create interesting images. 3)Watch for little distractions. 4)I want a lens with larger aperture!

I’m looking forward to my next shoot! Any takers before I become famous and unaffordable? 😉 Really though, I am looking for subjects!


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