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Progression of the Chief



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Artist Statement(s)

I was recently advised to come up with and Artist’s Statement. This is like a purpose statement and an explanation of my thoughts and goals related to my art. I do not have ONE nailed down but here is the best I can come up with at this time. I have 3 statements, which are not necessarily exclusive of each other. If they are too broad I expect that the only way to narrow it is through time, pursual and experimentation.

I want to create unusual or impossible juxtapositions in order to engage the viewer and send a message. These will be parables of truth, encouragement, teaching or warning.

I want to celebrate the beauty that I am privileged to see, especially as it relates to God’s glory and to the diversity of cultural expression.

My painting is in itself celebration and worship of the God who is the Creator and created me to create.

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