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I can not believe three months have passed since I was in Togo, west Africa.

As of six days ago, I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Most people who hear this assume I got a job before coming. Nope! I am job searching. Does this define me? It kind of feels like it right now. I “know” it does not…. Actually since writing that a couple days ago I’ve found two part time jobs to hold me over until I can find something better.

The last 3 months since being back have been such a variety of things I’m not sure where to begin! Emotional. Restful. Full of travel within the country. Random. Difficult in ways, but very very blessed. That’s what I want to talk about. I can see the Lord’s provision for every need over the last 3 months, and his gracious provision for me right now. I even consider the struggles he has allowed to be gracious. The “honeymoon”-like excitement at moving to Nashville is wearing off and my life seems kind of directionless and vast and potentially lonely. I feel like I should have a definite passion and career goal, but I don’t particularly…  I believe what God has said about struggles (that they’re for my good, that they refine my faith, that they lead to hope and joy and maturity, that I am never alone in them, that they are actually necessary for me to commune with Jesus). I can look back to see what he has done historically, and know that he will continue to be faithful and provide. Firstly, he has provided for me spiritually, bringing words of Truth and encouragement spoken by my precious brothers and sisters in Christ when I have desperately needed it. I’m especially grateful for my sisters, Nathanael Fatula, Nancy Oliver, the Rosses, a random girl named Marissa than came up and hugged me in a parking lot, etc. The Lord has continued to ground me and bring me back to the anchor of the Bible, the gospel, the core of who He is and what my faith in Him means. This has come through a couple books, some great sermons I’ve downloaded, and the Bible…  My sister had on her facebook page recently, “I don’t know. But I know the ONE who does.”

I praise God for some details of my situation that are small maybe, but blessings: There is free coffee that’s actually decent at the leasing office of the apartments I’m staying at. I have a very nice and cheap (to me) place to stay temporarily. I have a sweet temporary roommate, and she has a sweet dog and cat to keep me company while I’m here alone. I found temporary/part-time jobs quickly. There’s a nice gym at these apartments, which is especially great for me, because I can’t just go jogging for exercise like most people because of a retarded hip and hip surgery a while back. I have several friends in the city, which makes a HUGE difference in being new to a big city. Nashville has gorgeous green rolling hills popping up all over, which is food for my soul.

God has provided, is providing, and will continue gloriously. I’m grateful that he wants his own glory and intimacy with enough to not just let me be comfortable and unchallenged. That said, I appreciate your prayers.


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